Thursday, July 2, 2009

July, July

I have been busy going back home and writing music. I made amends with my father and brother. I have been writing a lot of different music.  I learned to play the banjo.  I have been getting in touch with old friends and listening to the Mystic Valley Band.  

The steps are falling into place for me to keep walking in the right direction.  After practically losing my mind, I am finding bits of sanity.  Oh, July.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jacksonville and Orlando

So we stayed in a Best Western after a night at a sad sad bar in Dothan, AL.  That whole place left us very down about it.  It was just dying, and the people were nice but not the people we feel comfortable around.  Adam and I spent the early morning hours talking about Western Kentucky and the people we enjoy.  We got some much needed rest and headed out for Florida.  As soon as we got across the state line, the sky opened up and dumped a torrential amount of rain.  Adam and I spent the afternoon reading Marvel Zombies while Davie drove.  
We got to Jacksonville around four p.m. and located Doozer's pub.  You will see pictures posted later of the place, but let me tell you that it was a very small, but very "punk/metal" looking bar.  We then headed to the North End beach and Adam experienced the ocean for the first time.  We watched the waves for a while and ate peanut butter sandwiches.  We then headed back to the pub.  The first person tending bar was there and he told us that he was just informed that there was a show there.  SHIT.
Once the owner got there, she told us that he was just a little spacey and not to worry.  She said there was another band and even though rain sometimes killed shows, she told everyone she knew.  She also brought her son there (before open hours) and he taught Davie and I a new game of pool called "I win".  After she left with her son, we were informed by the bar tender that the other band was having car trouble.  We remained optimistic and waited until about ten-thirty.  An older couple showed up and gave us booze and a necklace that said dynamite on it.  They said they were so excited to hear us.  The lady was a psychology professor at a local university and, the man was a retired promoter.  As time went on, we realized that there were only going to be this small amount of people there so we gave them a show.  I must admit that the performance was spot on by all of us and we got quite a large response from the small crowd.  The people  bought our merch and said that it was unlike anything that they had ever heard.  We were out by about eleven-thirty and on our way to Orlando.  Adam and I fell asleep to Disney's animated Robin Hood.  We both agreed that Roger Miller is the shit.
We woke up with a hunger for fresh seafood and Thin Lizzy (I am currently listening to Jailbreak and I cannot get enough).  Davie recommended that we go to Cocoa Beach and spend the day by the pier.  It was our off day, so we headed out there.  The Florida sun is nothing to fuck with.  It was hot and the toll roads were adding discomfort.  Once we get there, we noticed some dark clouds on the horizon.  We walked around and ate some seafood by the pier.  It started to rain, hard.  We tried to wait it out, and we went back into the ocean after a while.  We got back to town around six p.m. and here we are.  We have our last show tomorrow night.  It's guaranteed to be winner.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Atlanta's Douchebags and the Dying Town of Dothan AL

So yesterday, we started out on tour.  Our first stop was Atlanta's Ten High Club.  It has gained some notoriety over the past six years by doing a live band karaoke event called Metalsome. Anyway, we get there and we meet the sound guy.  We notice as soon as we step in there that some one's equipment had been already set up.  He proceeds to tell us that we had to use  the equipment set up because "loading in and out is just a bitch."  We are all opposed to the idea, but we have no choice.  The other touring band named Victims of Public Education were from North Carolina.  Two of them were under age and the club wasn't having it.  They ended up playing a set a la' Against Me! with a punk version of The Weight by The Band.  By this time, we realized that they hadn't done any promotion for the show because there were only two people in the audience.  For Christ's sake, it was called metal Tuesday and we were the only "metal-ish" band playing.  Needless to say, we had a crappy show because no one came and I can't play someone elses' kit.  We left directly after we played on our way to Dothan
  At one a.m., we stopped in the middle of nowhere to sleep in the van.  We found a church so we parked.  Davie and I slept in the van and Adam slept outside.  At some point, Adam knocks on the van to tell us that there was some sort of beast in the immediate woods and he was piling in.  This morning, we woke up and made our way to Dothan.  We stopped at a Waffle House and met two bikers who were members of the Black Pistons.  We got to Dothan at about 11 a.m. and located the venue.  The town is very old smelling and has a Jim Crow vibe all over.  There are murals (very good ones at that) on almost every old building in town.  They also have statues of peanuts dressed in various labor related outfits everywhere.  It is hot as hell and everyone is really nice.  
We found a music shop and asked if there was a mall so we could go and promote.  We went to the mall and talked to some kids.  One guy who worked at Hat World told us of a music festival that was happening tomorrow.  It had 100 local bands playing and said he could try to get us on.  We declined, but this is important information that ties together later.  So a couple of hours ago, we meet the venue owners, who are super cool for letting me use their computer as well as being good people all around.  They told us that we are the only band tonight because that music festival tomorrow made every band sign a waiver saying that they couldn't play any other local shows until then. So that is that.  

Tomorrow, we go to Jacksonville.  

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Beginning of June

So, I don't know where life is taking me, other than Florida for the next week! Much needed social fun and musical discipline ahead. In other me related news, I have a new roommate named Matt Rowan. Yep, the young one has arrived in the Derby City. What I am excited about is that Freightliner can get a fresh start. We have been writing and practicing. It has been exciting seeing it form into whatever two people think to do in song. We have been trying acoustic instruments (banjo and guitar) and even vocals! Fantastic times await. Fantastic times are here. I am optimistic of such.

We have a camera to take. Pictures will be unloaded in a week.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, I haven't posted in a while because life has been rapidly speeding, so let me give you all the big stuff fit for print.

I moved into a new house on Bardstown Rd. here in Louisville with Adam and Davie. I will get some pictures of it up soon.

I have been working on a solo set for live performance. It's kind of dance music a la' the 1980's. More on that soon.

Freightliner is now a trio.

ZCFOS are chugging along and preparing for a tour in early June.

Adam and I recently saw our friends in Bawn in the Mash. It was a hoot and the music has changed since their humble beginnings as a string band in West KY.

Also, two of my friends have been playing bluegrass recently. They are great musicians, and you should all see what they are up to.

Oh, and check out this stuff, too.

Other than that, there's always little stuff. The Venture Bros. Season Three DVD was released yesterday so our house is all buzzing with happiness. Overall, it's good here in the Derby City. I have been missing all of my super close friends scattered all over this nation of ours. So if you are reading this and you are one of the awesome people that I love dearly; know that you are missed immensely. I will hopefully have some really big, music related news by the summer. So until then, try to enjoy the weather.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Photos of New Setup

New Keyboard and the Ice Storm

aaron's new keyboard and the ice storm

I got a Nord Electro II on the first day of the ice storm. Here's a video from day two of me "jamming" a little on something I have been working on. Also, Maybee's got a shirt on.